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//  Origin:  Charlotte, NC
//  Genres:  Alternative, Pop,                                  Soul, Folk, Electronic
//  Years Active:  2014- Present
//  Website:

Lisa De Novo is a singer/songwriter based in Charlotte, NC. She calls her music Bubblegum Blues - an eclectic blend of catchy pop music and soulful blues music influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Sia, the Cranberries, and Ed Sheran. In October 2016, she released her EP the Stars Align. In May 2018, she released her first full-length album – The Big Bang. The album is a unique blend of pop, soul, and alternative rock. Lisa De Novo just finished her cross-country tour from Charleston, SC to Hollywood, CA. She has featured on “Your Carolina” in Greenville, SC and PCTV in Park City, Utah. Fans all over the country are raving about her new album! She has done several electronic dance music collaborations with DJ’s all over the world. One of her songs called The Weekend produced by SMK has over 300,000 plays on Youtube. She stays busy playing shows all over the United States, hosting open mic nights, and writing new songs whenever the inspiration hits! Her positive energy and contagious smile will leave you feeling the good vibes all night!




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Label: None

Management: Self-Managed

Booking: 980-213-7138 or

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